AFRL system revolutionizes research process with robot scientist

Dr. Benji Maruyama at the Air Force Research Laboratory is developing an autonomous research system, named ARES, that revolutionizes the research process through the use of artificial intelligence to autonomously plan and run experiments, perform in-situ characterization, and analyze experimental results.

To our knowledge, ARES is the first of its kind to link autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence, data science and in situ experimental techniques for materials development. Not only does it allow us to be faster and smarter in how we do experiments, we can get to a scientific understanding in a shorter amount of time.Dr. Benji Maruyama, senior materials research engineer, Functional Materials Division, AFRL

We’re working with Dr. Maruyama to implement Optimal Learning in ARES planning module, to efficiently guide the robot in optimizing material properties through strategically selected experiments.

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